Water Treatment

Water Treatment

ira-ecoclean 2300

IRA is a combination of water-soluble botanical extracts of Azadarichta indica, Moringa Olifera, Ocimum sanctum and Strychnos Potatorum and organic cationic solvents formulated in the form of a chelated aqueous solution. IRA works as a cationic coagulant, oxygenator and disinfectant for clarification and treatment of sewage water. Also used for control of algae, fungi and harmful bacteria in sewage water, highly polluted water sources and even drinking water.

busa- anmr

BUSA is a high performance, organic cationic coagulant enriched with water-soluble extracts of Azadirachta Indica for improving the clarity of effluent water. It is scientifically formulated for use in industrial wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering applications. It is a cationic coagulant plus flocculant, which neutralizes negatively charged colloidal material and reduces sludge volume much effectively compared to inorganic coagulant.

piva-ecoclean 20

PIVA is a herbal based colloidal flocculant which neutralises salts of Calcium, Magnesium, Fluoride and Iron. This property makes it an ideal de-scalant and anti-scalant for water used in boilers, cooling towers, chilling units and cold storages.

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HOMI is an organic bactericidal disinfectant with the goodness of neem. A healthy, non-irritating disinfection option for swimming pools, water parks, lakes and ponds.

tara-ecoclean idkr

TARA is an organic flocculant with the capability of oxygenating high Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)/and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) effluents from pharmacological industries, food and dairy industries.

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NEPA is an edible grade, non-toxic concentrated liquid substitute for Lime (CaO) that is ideal for pH neutralisation of all forms of cationic effluents.


IRA-LIV is a modified version of the miracle formulation of IRA – a highly potent combination of herbal extracts (Azadirachta Indica, Ocimum Sanctum, Moringa Oleifera and Strychnos Potatorum) with proven water-purifying capabilities, blended together by water- soluble organic solvents in a convenient, easy-to-use dropper bottle.