Because our Earth matters

The Founders and Members of GV Medhini are a group of young engineers who passionately believe that there is a solution within nature to all challenges faced by humans. Water as being the most abundant resource on Earth (70% of Earth to be more precise), is under immense threat due to activities primarily caused by humans. It is known that only 10% of Earth’s water is safe for consumption. Activities that cause pollution, climate change, deforestation, and rapid urban growth has caused a degradation of the ecosystem. The manner in which we interact with this ecosystem is directly linked to the well being of our natural water resources. The Earth has lost its mechanism of spontaneous natural recovery and restoration due to our inconsideration in exploiting Earth beyond its carrying capacity. Years and years of research, determination, dream, ambition and most importantly faith among our team members has brought upon the birth of GV Medhini, GV is an abbreviation of Jivi which means one who continues to live and Medhini which is defined as Earth.
It is GV Medhini’s pledge to restore Earth’s natural water restoration mechanism by re-introducing and re-innovating green ecological solutions.

GV Medhini = The Earth that will continue to live